Henrietta Armstrong

Henrietta Armstrong – Kayapo Tribe boy, Oil on canvas, 30cm x 41cm, 2012




One comment

  1. Looking at cultures and modern day society Henri has become deeply interested in the correlation between tribal rituals, the identifications of indigenous tribes and how the core aesethetics have evolved and filtered into western civilisation today.

    The Kayapo Indians are one of the Amerindian groups that still remain in the rain forest around the Amazon River. They believe their ancestors learned how to live communally from social insects such as bees. This is why mothers and children paint each other’s bodies with patterns that look like animal or insect markings, just as modern day society uses branding and advertising to create a consumerist cult or tribe. The Kayapos believe that at death a person goes to the village of the dead, There, people sleep during the day and hunt at night. There, old people become younger and children become older.

    Exploring 21st century graphic influences and branding, her work translates this direct connection.

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