La Petite Muerte – Installation shots

Ruth Bartlett

Patricia Shrigley

Henrietta Armstrong

A. Corcoran

David Chalkley & Sarah West

Tom Butler & Sarah West

Kevin Clarke, Cherlisa

Jane Oldfield – Resurection?

Ruth Bartlett & Sarah Jacobs

Joshua Knowles

Caro Halford, My Father’s Ashes

Hugh Mendes & Paul Stanley

Adam Beale – The Thinker

Luca Ortis

Julia Miranda

Julia Miranda

Julia Miranda

Julia Miranda

Ros Maprayil & Tracy Neal

Peter Ainsworth & Karolina Magnusson-Murray

Fiona Banner

Fiona Banner & Lucy Woodhouse

Paul Stanley

Hugh Mendes & Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

Kirsty Harris

Susanna Thornton

Sarah Jacobs

Tom Butler, Castine

Moorland Productions, Ben Jamie & Dave Anderson.

Moorland Productions

Kirsty Harris & Moorland Productions

Ben Jamie & Dave Anderson

Kirsty Harris

Henrietta Armstrong

Paul Stanley, Every text she ever sent me, 2012

Peter Ainsworth

Jemma Watts

Sarah West

Sarah West

Hugh Mendes

Dave Anderson

David Porter

Keith Ball

Abigail Lingford

Dave Chalkley

David R Fenwick

Ventiko & David R Fenwick

Mark Scott-Wood, Prop from the performance, The Prophet

Left – right – Moorland Productions, Sarah Jacobs, Ruth Bartlett and Tom Butler

Patricia Shrigley & Jane Oldfield

Hugh Mendes & Paul Stanley


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